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Mass Emails Driving Your Field Crazy?

Today’s networkers are dealing with an avalanche of email. Here are some tips to make your message be the first one they open.

by Jonathan Gilliam, Momentum Factor


With all the upline and downline messages, event flyers, congrats, alerts, news and promotions your distributors receive, it’s a wonder there’s time for anyone to sell. Most email gets scanned and trashed, with only a few select messages worthy of reading. Your email needs to be one that shines through the clutter.

The best direct selling companies plan and organize their campaigns. They engage their field with good content. They know oodles about the people they send to, and they are always respectful of their inbox. Unfortunately, most companies send email to the field in one-off, poorly executed blasts. It’s fire and forget most of the time, which leads to poor response rates, lower event attendance, blocked emails, or worse – frustration with you and what you have to say.

So, what can you do to step it up?

  • Have a little empathy.
    Do you enjoy receiving emails that seem written for someone else? Do you like to be pitched every time you open an email? Do you love hype? Probably not, and neither does your field.
  • “Spray and Pray” emailing is dead.
    You are wasting time and money by not paying attention to whom you send. Your subscriber is King, so get to know him (or her) and customize your email using data as a cornerstone of your campaigns.
  • How much do they love you? Count the ways.
    Most email services provide detailed reports on opens and click-throughs. Pay attention to the data to see what campaigns are working and which are duds and adjust as needed.
  • Give them what they want.
    Provide something of value, make your headlines work, and don’t assume just because you wrote it, it will be read. In fact, assume the opposite. And be sure the person who creates your email is an astonishingly good writer and also understands network marketing.
  • Always be closing? No, always be asking.
    Gain permission first, then continue to ask what they like/dislike about your emails and allow an easy unsubscribe. Always ask and use the data to improve your campaigns. In any case, don’t email anyone who hasn’t explicitly opted in.
  • Find your center.
    Try to guide your field to a primary source of information, a virtual “communications center” such as a blog or your back office. Preferably this is login-free, linked with your social properties (you do have those, don’t you?) and is easily accessed on mobile phones. Be sure that site is always up-to-date and visually appealing.
  • Have fun.
    This industry is supposed to be fun, not boring. Believe it or not, getting an email can be exciting if it’s done right. If you’ve run out of ideas, get help.
  • Hire an expert 
    Successful emailing is crucial. Hire someone who understands both digital marketing and network marketing and can help you develop your campaigns with the field in mind.

To discuss this topic further or to learn how the Momentum Factor team can be of assistance, reach out by clicking here.

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