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ReputationWire from Momentum Factor - Search Engine Results Dashboard

Momentum Factor Announces ReputationWire

Introducing ReputationWire™, the world’s first comprehensive online search engine results dashboard.


Momentum Factor is proud to announce the pending release of ReputationWire, our proprietary reputation measurement and tracking platform built for direct sellers to enable them to track their global search engine reputation over time and across multiple keywords. Until ReputationWire, there was no tool available to help executives understand how the company was doing across all brands and keywords worldwide.

Reputation can be a difficult thing to measure and manage. With multiple brands it can be near impossible to understand the scope of brand-related keywords and how they reflect a company’s brand globally. With ReputationWire, executives can achieve a “Reputation Score” to determine brand health and identify hotspots of critical activity, instantly. You can now finally gauge your company’s position on search engines worldwide.

For more information on how Momentum Factor can assist with your online reputation management needs, contact our team by clicking here.

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