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Momentum Factor Launches Tech & Ops Recruiting Services, Legal, and Compliance for Direct Sellers

Global risk services provider wow offers direct selling’s only compliance, legal, operations & technology search practice

Momentum Factor is pleased to announce new recruiting and talent acquisition services specializing in legal and compliance in addition to IT, software, data, operations and logistics.

Greg Fink, Vice President of Business Development states, “ With the recent launch of the DSA’s Self-Regulation Council and increasing pressures from both the FDA and the FTC, we are seeing a surge in the need for experienced compliance personnel who understand best practices and know how to structure compliance teams.”

Working closely with our clients legal and compliance teams has given us an opportunity to develop relationships with some incredibly talented people. Combining our deep compliance and legal expertise along with a significant database of skilled individuals puts us in a unique position to help direct sellers find individuals that align with a company’s culture and business needs.

“Every company is slightly different in terms of their needs. However, one consistent common theme is that compliance departments are stretched really thin and this is where we can come in and help, whether automating more of the process or adding the best people to it,” states Greg Fink.

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