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Creating a Pinterest Strategy That Gets Direct Selling Results

Pinterest is the latest gift for direct sellers from social media heaven. Direct selling companies would do well to embrace it, now.

by Maria Duron, Momentum Factor


Pinterest: What is your Pinterest Strategy?

Pinterest is an online pinboard where users can organize things they love and share them. Launched in 2010, Pinterest already boasts more than 10 million monthly visitors, despite being invite-only, and is the fastest-growing social networking site today. The site is a big hit with women — 70 percent of users are female, matching our industry demographic perfectly.

Direct Selling and Your Pinterest Strategy

We recommend any party plan company, product-focused, or “theme” companies (such as eco-friendly or fashion-based) absolutely embrace Pinterest. In fact, if your company does anything interesting at all — and we hope it does — it should consider building a Pinterest presence. So, here are some tips to help your company get started with a Pinterest strategy:

1. Support your field with great content

It’s important that the home office stay involved and provide “pinnable” information to help associates position themselves as the “go to” person for these products in their community or circle of friends. This starts with quality photos. Great content provided by corporate for any social network helps the field with your message and reduces the need for them to create it themselves. Pinterest provides a “no brainer” way to share company created information, graphics and photos.

2. Create boards that show what your company is about

Though you may be inclined to start promoting your brand in Pinterest by pinning boards filled with your products, it’s important to remember that this is still a social networking site that helps you connect and engage with your audience. It’s far better to build followers first by creating boards that show what your company is about and what its members are passionate about.

By doing this, you can show off the personality behind your brand and make your company more personable and likable.

3. Start creating boards that include occasional photos of your products

Once you get the hang of Pinterest and have acquired a good following, you can start creating boards that include photos of your products. Remember not to fill one board with all of your products though – that would scream self-promotion and may not sit well with your followers. Instead, feature other visual content that relates with your products.

For example, if you’re selling makeup, you can include pictures of real people who are wearing makeup in different situations, such as the right makeup for a night about town or the right makeup for a job interview. It helps your followers visualize how they can use your products effectively and it adds to your pinboard’s visual appeal.

4. Host contests on Pinterest

You conduct interactive and fun contests for your company, why not host one on Pinterest? You can ask your audience and followers to create a pinboard on their account that shows why they like your products or how they use your products in their daily lives. You can be the judge of who the winner is, or you can even ask your other followers to vote for the best board.

This is an excellent way to create buzz around your brand and increase brand awareness. Some creative ways include a hostess who posts a new shipment or award she’s received; the company can then provide a drawing for another prize for everyone who does that; or asking a product picture to be repinned and then a prize awarded from a drawing of everyone who repinned an item.

5. Discover what your audience loves

By viewing your customers’ and fields’ pinboards, you can gain insight on what they love and what they’re passionate about. This can help you in your marketing strategy, since it’s all about discovering what your customers want and need.

6. Use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website

The whole idea is to spark up interest — PINterest — in your company and its products. You’ll want to use links that direct to your site or your field’s replicated sites to measure your campaigns.

As a direct seller, Pinterest provides a great platform where people can get to know you, from customers to your leaders and the field in general. Set up boards for your executives’ favorite books, company contests, or fabulous trips to subtly show the great lifestyle available from being a part of your business.

To discuss this topic further or to learn how the Momentum Factor team can help you with your Pinterest Strategy, reach out by clicking here.

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