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Momentum Factor solutions transform how direct selling companies protect their businesses throughout the entire compliance lifecycle.


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Our newest product is the world's first mobile compliance solution for direct sellers. It prevents illegal claims before they ever go out while also educating your field on compliant messaging.

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Part of the FieldWatch family, this add-on product provides customized video training and education to targeted violators in order to prevent future infractions and reduce overall compliance issues.


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Our flagship product is the world’s leading online brand protection and compliance monitoring solution for the direct sales channel. It identifies violations as they happen to remedy issues as they arise.


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Our online reputation management program protects brands worldwide from threats that will tarnish the reputations companies have worked so hard to build on search engines and beyond.

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Part of the FieldWatch family, this add-on service aids in eliminating unauthorized sellers on e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay – saving thousands of dollars in lost sales annually.

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