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Momentum Factor Introduces FieldWatch – A Powerful New Online Compliance Service for Direct Sellers

FieldWatch™ leverages sophisticated online software and expertise to keep direct sellers safe. 


AUSTIN, TX Momentum Factor is excited to announce its new online compliance service, FieldWatch. Anyone who has worked inside a direct selling company understands the incredible challenges presented online. As network marketers increasingly use the internet to promote, companies are at more risk every day from uncontrolled or unmonitored marketing and claims by the field, which can have disastrous effects on a brand and your company. As a result, compliance officers continue to play the world’s largest game of whack-a-mole, retaining oversized compliance departments charged with constant Google searching, in hope of finding anything afoul of corporate and legal guidelines. It’s an incredibly expensive process, requiring immense effort and resources to be able to “catch” and review all the mentions online. Not only that, but the tools often employed by companies are not capable of finding the real issues lurking in the dark and distant corners of the internet.

Introducing FieldWatch, a next generation automated compliance service for direct selling companies. No more constant search and no additional headcount. FieldWatch automates and improves the largely manual compliance processes most companies use to comply with government regulations and protect their brands. Now you can allow distributors to market themselves and their businesses without getting your company in hot water with regulators — while at the same time protecting your brand.

FieldWatch combines state-of-the-art information technology tools with the focused application of expert skills in order to find information posted online in many different “social channels” (like Twitter, blogs, and videos), as well as the basic search results you may normally identify across multiple staff. With FieldWatch, anything posted outside of compliance guidelines can be dealt with immediately, whether responding via pre-approved “in-compliance” resolutions or directing mid to high level issues to the correct person in your compliance department.

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring of any mention of your company online
  • High-powered monitoring ability that finds mentions in blogs, websites, social media, photos, news sites, videos, individual Twitter posts and far more
  • Respond to low-to-mid level compliance issues immediately
  • Escalates high level issues to company compliance officers for quick response
  • Provide pre-approved compliance options for distributors who post non-compliant information anywhere on the web
  • Reduce compliance expenses drastically by allowing our service to find and deal with many compliance issues
  • Multiple languages available (Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and more.)
  • Detailed management reports
  • Additional insight into your company’s online data
  • Monitor key competitors in real time

The bottom line is that FieldWatch can save you money by reducing compliance expenses, providing more comprehensive results and allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with iron-clad online compliance at a fraction of the cost with FieldWatch.


About Momentum Factor

Momentum Factor is a leading innovator in social media and online marketing services for direct selling companies. A progressive voice for the industry, the firm works with some of its best-known companies to maximize performance, increase revenue, inspire brands, and leverage social media to engage their field and customers. Momentum Factor delivers interactive marketing, social media marketing, and online brand development to its direct selling clients.

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