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Preventing Attack Posts on Facebook

Is your Facebook page a hunting ground for disgruntled reps or competitors? Here’s one simple fix …

Use the “Page Moderation” setting, which allows you to block keywords from posts and comments.

To access this, go to:
1. Your page’s Admin Panel
2. Edit Page menu
3. Edit Settings
4. Page Moderation — Edit

List the keywords to block, separated by commas. Suggestions include: scam, problem, pyramid, scheme, youtube (this will block any attempt to post YouTube URLs in the comments)

Posts or comments containing any of these words will be automatically marked as spam. The posters will still see them on their end (so they don’t try to work around it), but nobody else will. As an administrator, you’ll be able to see them, but they will be grayed out, and you’ll have the options to delete it permanently, ban the poster, or if okay, reinstate it.

Keep in mind this is only Facebook-specific and while tips like these can never replace vigilant monitoring of your social media, this should be very effective at preventing negative posts and comments on Facebook pages and personal profiles.
Feel free to use all or part of the above text in a post on your corporate social media pages or in communications to distributors who are experiencing spam posts on their own pages as well. Happy Blocking!

To learn more about this topic or how the Momentum Factor team can be of assistance, reach out by clicking here.

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