Online Reputation Defense

With state-of-the-art techniques and our deep expertise, we can solve your Google problem.


When your company name is Googled, what do you find?

In order to maintain momentum and grow, all companies have a duty to “keep their Google mirror clean” — push negative blogs, videos, forums and review sites off your first few pages of search results. The effects on your business can be massive. Studies tell us that for every negative link showing on your search results, more and more visitors turn away from your brand.

Defending your online reputation is an art and a science. Multiple paths must be followed, coordinated and measured over time by experts who know what they are doing. A deep understanding of what makes your brand relevant to the search engines is the result of years of experience, cutting edge technology and a big picture perspective. You won’t get these with your SEO firm or your PR advisor.


No matter your situation, there is hope.

We understand how to make your brand positive in the eyes of search engines.

With our experience and proven methodologies we can return your brand’s search results to a much more “search-friendly” state. With expert knowledge of search algorithms, incessant testing and an eye to the long term, our team can turn it around—and we have the success stories to prove it.

When is the right time to consider reputation management strategies?

  • You are launching a new web site, product or brand (This is the BEST time to plan your defense.)
  • Forums or sites with the words “scam’ or “ripoff” are associated with your name, or the name of your company or leaders.
  • Competitors and their distributors buy negative ads against your name on search engines.
  • Past court or agency actions or accusations against you, the company or principals continue to show up.
  • Hurtful blog entries are posted against you.
  • You have any troublesome search results when your company or people’s names are searched.
  • You want to prevent negative links from affecting your business.

How Does Your Search Reflect Your Brand?

We are specialized to mitigate the effects of potentially damaging content before it gains traction.

  • Closely monitoring brand mentions across multiple channels
  • Building a brand fortress with powerful positive or neutral content
  • Maintaining a strong presence in major online social networks


Decrease the vulnerability of new threats becoming ranked while providing “early warning” for potential threats.


Target keywords and repair search engine results for the brand and related keywords.


Remove or “push down” negative links that shows on search engine results pages.


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