DSA Direct Selling Growth Report

Smaller Direct Selling Companies Showing Robust Growth

Economy, Entrepreneurs Boost Industry Figures at Smaller Companies

Seventy-six percent of smaller direct selling companies (those with annual retail sales under $3 million) saw growth in 2012, with an average retail sales increase of about 22 percent, according to findings from the recent Direct Selling Association (DSA) 2012 Growth & Outlook survey.

“Our research has shown that, across the board, consumers like the idea of supporting small, local businesses,” said DSA president Joseph Mariano.

Mariano added that there are not only a number of young direct selling companies seeing growth, but that each independent direct seller is essentially a micro-entrepreneur who may be pursuing direct selling for a variety of reasons, spending anywhere from a few hours a week to 40 or more hours a week on their business.

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