Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council

Press Release – DSSRC Issues New Guidance on Earnings Claims for Direct Sellers

Jonathan GilliamJuly 9, 2020
BBB National Programs’ Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC), in partnership with the Direct Selling Association (DSA), today released new Guidance on Earnings Claims that defines and identifies earnings claims to ensure all representations made by direct-selling companies or members of their salesforce comply with legal and self-regulatory standards.
Momentum Factor Webcast - Self-Regulation is Here. Is Your Company Ready?

Momentum Factor Webcast – Self-Regulation is Here. Is Your Company Prepared?

Jonathan GilliamApril 4, 2019
For the first time in direct sales history, a truly independent self-regulatory body has been created to enforce social media and marketing rules among all direct selling companies, and their independent sales force. Join Momentum Factor's CEO Jonathan Gilliam and DSSRC Executive Director Peter Marinello for a lively webcast conversation on April 4th about how your company can stay out of hot water with this powerful new enforcement entity.
Q&A with DSSRC's Peter Marinello

The DSSRC is Up and Running – Is Your Company Prepared?

Jonathan GilliamMarch 18, 2019
Momentum Factor CEO Jonathan Gilliam recently interviewed Peter Marinello, Executive Director of the Direct Selling Self-Regulatory Council (DSSRC) to learn how the program will impact the compliance function of direct sellers.
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Join Us for “Game of Compliance” Next Week at DSA!

Jonathan GilliamJune 2, 2016
Heading to DSA Annual Meetingnext week? Be sure to stop by the "Night's FieldWatch" at Booth 704 and learn how to protect your castle from hordes of Internet violations and illegal claims!
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Smaller Direct Selling Companies Showing Robust Growth

Jonathan GilliamJuly 19, 2013
Economy, Entrepreneurs Boost Industry Figures at Smaller Companies Seventy-six percent of smaller direct selling companies (those with annual retail sales under $3 million) saw growth in 2012, with an average retail sales increase of about 22 percent, according to findings from the recent DSA 2012 Growth & Outlook survey.
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