ALERT: FTC Releases Guidance for Direct Sellers and MLMs

The FTC staff have released guidance for direct sales companies on its official website.  From Multi-level marketing is a diverse and varied industry, employing many different structures and methods of selling. Although there may be significant differences in how … Continue Reading

Moving Forward, Here’s What the FTC’s Order Requires Herbalife to Do

Following is a guest post from attorney Kevin Thompson with an early analysis of the FTC settlement with Herbalife. By Kevin Thompson, Thompson Burton PLLC After a two year investigation, Herbalife has agreed to pay a $200 million fine to the FTC and act … Continue Reading

FTC Settlement with Herbalife – OMG!

Following is a guest post from attorney Spencer Reese with an early analysis of the FTC settlement with Herbalife. By Spencer Reese, Reese Poyfair Richards PLLC Network marketing is in the midst of a rapidly advancing Orwellian era. It’s been slow to develop, starting … Continue Reading

Herbalife FTC Settlement Reached

Global nutrition company Herbalife Ltd. announced it has reached a settlement agreement with the Federal Trade Commission resolving the FTC’s multi-year investigation of the Company. The terms of the settlement do not change Herbalife’s business model as a direct selling … Continue Reading

Momentum Factor’s Direct Selling Industry Predictions for 2014

For direct sellers, there’s lots of good news. The industry, though changing, continues to serve more and more of the world’s population, 90 million last year. … Continue Reading

The Brutal Facts of Direct Selling’s Future

Fantastic new post from our good friend Jeff Stroud, former CEO at Private Quarters, DSA Board Member and Chairman of the DSA Strategic Planning Committee. His message of progressive and transparent thinking is spot on and should be required reading … Continue Reading

Direct selling leaders reveal 2013 industry outlook

Great article from World of Direct Selling on what to expect in the coming year. Here’s our contribution. Your thoughts? Next year we will begin to see fruits of corporate efforts around technology, particularly mobile apps and social syndication. Many … Continue Reading

Meet us at the DSA conference in LA Dec 4-7!

Are you attending the Direct Selling Association’s Communications and Marketing Conference? Let’s get together! This is in our opinion one of the best conferences for industry executives with a marketing bent. Our favorite topics are covered in depth, but more important is … Continue Reading

Public direct sellers under attack

The recent news from the Wall Street Journal about short sellers taking on Herbalife had the industry wondering what’s next. Well now we know. They’re going after everyone. Today a leading financial website added USANA to its target list. This … Continue Reading

Featured: Top 10 Mistakes Direct Selling Companies Make in Social Media – Direct Selling News

Here’s a revolutionary thought: The direct selling industry invented social marketing. Yes, you were the first. Way back in the day, you learned to monetize “social currency” by enabling the sale of products to people through personal relationships. You are the analog version of social marketing. Let’s call it Social Marketing “1.0”.

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