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Article – Federal Trade Commission Finds New Avenues to Counter Section 13(b) Decision

Jonathan GilliamJune 10, 2021
Although the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was dealt a blow from the Supreme Court's ruling on Section 13(b), the commission is not sitting idle following the decision. Instead, the FTC has gone on the offensive with new measures in order to obtain monetary relief for perceived consumer injury. Read more about their efforts in this article from KelleyDrye.
Guest Post from Larry Steinberg - The Vemma Settlement

Guest Post – Vemma Lives to Play Another Day

Jonathan GilliamDecember 20, 2016
The sixteen-month long lawsuit between the Federal Trade Commission and Vemma Nutrition Company has come to a negotiated resolution under terms which will allow Vemma to continue operating its business under restrictions similar to those contained in a federal court preliminary injunction entered against the company last September
DSA Direct Selling Growth Report

Smaller Direct Selling Companies Showing Robust Growth

Jonathan GilliamJuly 19, 2013
Seventy-six percent of smaller direct selling companies saw growth in 2012, with an average retail sales increase of about 22 percent, according to findings from the recent DSA 2012 Growth & Outlook survey.
Facebook Myths

6 Facebook Mythbusters for Direct Sellers

Jonathan GilliamJuly 8, 2013
Wonder why your company's Facebook page isn't performing as well as it could be? Hard to know. Direct selling companies all have different ideas about what will "work" on Facebook and misconceptions abound. Here are six myths you should be aware of as you post to your Facebook account.
Social Media Platform Logos

Social Media – Are You Planting Seeds or Picking Fruit?

Jonathan GilliamApril 1, 2013
One metaphor I've been using recently is the idea of social marketing as agriculture. When farming, we wait for a season, we sow, we nurture and ultimately if all goes well, we harvest. I view social media marketing as planting seeds of a direct selling community.
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