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Federal Trade Commission Finds New Avenues to Counter Section 13(b) Decision

Although the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was dealt a blow from the Supreme Court’s ruling on Section 13(b), the commission is not sitting idle following the decision. Instead, the FTC has gone on the offensive with new measures in order … Continue Reading

United States Supreme Court

Unanimous Court Curtails FTC’s Ability to Obtain Restitution for Deceptive Practices

HUGE news in the direct sales industry. With its unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court is essentially declaring that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has abused its power for decades. A thorough rebuke. Read into the full story at Social Selling … Continue Reading

Guest Post: The Vemma Settlement – Industry Progress at the Tip of a Spear

Following is a guest post from attorney Kevin Thompson with an early analysis of the FTC settlement with Vemma. By Kevin Thompson, Thompson Burton PLLC More than two months after news broke of a potential settlement, Friday marked the release of the FTC’s Final … Continue Reading

Guest Post: Vemma Lives to Play Another Day

Following is a guest post from attorney Larry Steinberg with an early analysis of the FTC settlement with Vemma. By Larry Steinberg, Shareholder, Buchalter Nemer The sixteen month long lawsuit between the Federal Trade Commission and Vemma Nutrition Company has come to a negotiated … Continue Reading

Skincare Products – When does Marketing Cross the Line?

Following is an informative guest post from attorney Kevin Thompson about the tough balance skin care companies must address in distributor marketing and compliance.  By Kevin Thompson, Thompson Burton PLLC Skincare has been a staple category in the network marketing industry for generations. In … Continue Reading

Wired.com Article Highlights Direct Sales as Cutting-Edge Model

Great article in Wired Magazine about J. Hilburn, the direct seller of men’s threads. … Continue Reading

Smaller Direct Selling Companies Showing Robust Growth

Economy, Entrepreneurs Boost Industry Figures at Smaller Companies Seventy-six percent of smaller direct selling companies (those with annual retail sales under $3 million) saw growth in 2012, with an average retail sales increase of about 22 percent, according to findings … Continue Reading

6 Facebook Mythbusters for Direct Sellers

Some direct sellers still cling to old ideas about Facebook. Here are a few myths that need busting. Wonder why your company’s Facebook page isn’t performing as well as it could be? Hard to know. Direct selling companies all have … Continue Reading

Social Media – Are You Planting Seeds or Picking Fruit?

Sometimes you can’t wait for a harvest, so you hit the store and pick exactly what you want. If you are willing to pay you can just walk up and have your fill. But it will cost you. … Continue Reading

Article: Russia Proving to be Fertile Ground for Direct Sellers [mlive.com]

Amway reports former communist country is now fastest-growing market for direct selling entrepreneurs. Russia is one of the Ada-based company’s biggest and most promising markets. … Continue Reading