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Article – Federal Trade Commission Finds New Avenues to Counter Section 13(b) Decision

Jonathan GilliamJune 10, 2021
Although the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was dealt a blow from the Supreme Court's ruling on Section 13(b), the commission is not sitting idle following the decision. Instead, the FTC has gone on the offensive with new measures in order to obtain monetary relief for perceived consumer injury. Read more about their efforts in this article from KelleyDrye.
FTC Rulemaking Group - Social Selling News Article

Article – FTC Announces New Rulemaking Group

Jonathan GilliamApril 7, 2021
The FTC has announced that the agency is creating a new and dedicated “rulemaking group,” a move that would strengthen the FTC's ability to invoke civil penalties outside its historical use of 13(b).
FTC Headquarters

Press Release – Second Round of FTC Warning Letters Hits Direct Sellers

Jonathan GilliamJune 5, 2020
Once again, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has sent out a round of letters to a new list of MLM companies warning them to stop their field from posting that their products can cure the Novel Coronavirus/ SARS-CoV2.They are giving the companies 48 hours to prove they have put actions into place to address their concerns. These posts include mentions of eliminating vaccines, boosting immunity, using a stimulus check to make more money, and much more.
FTC COVID-19 Warning Letters

Press Release – FTC Sends Warning Letters to Multi-Level Marketers Regarding Health and Earnings Claims Related to Coronavirus

Jonathan GilliamApril 24, 2020
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) today announced it has sent 10 letters warning multi-level marketing companies (MLMs) to remove and address claims that they or their participants are making about their products’ ability to treat or prevent coronavirus disease or about the earnings people who have recently lost income can make, or both.
FTC - Protecting America's Consumers - Warning Letter

ALERT: FTC Releases Guidance for Direct Sellers and MLMs

Jonathan GilliamJanuary 4, 2018
Multi-level marketing is a diverse and varied industry, employing many different structures and methods of selling. Although there may be significant differences in how multi-level marketers sell their products or services, core consumer protection principles are applicable to every member of the industry. The FTC staff offers this non-binding guidance to assist direct sellers and MLMs in applying those core principles to their business practices
FTC Chair Edith Ramirez Steps Down - The Washington Post Article

Article – FTC Chair Edith Ramirez Announces Resignation

Jonathan GilliamJanuary 24, 2017
Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman Edith Ramirez said in an interview with The Washington Post that she will soon step down as head of the country's most powerful consumer watchdog, after serving more than three years in the role and another three years before that as a commissioner.
FTC & Regulators - Relationship with Direct Sellers

Direct Selling & Regulators – Innovation, Not Infraction

Jonathan GilliamOctober 12, 2015
Every time a direct seller has an issue with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), critics of the industry are quick to jump on it, hailing it as a step in the right direction towards shutting down multi-level marketing completely. They’ll say that it is finally being outed as an unsustainable business practice — that they’re all just pyramid schemes in disguise.
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