Wikipedia entry on Reputation Management

What Are You Expert At? Take a Few Minutes & Show the World … on Wikipedia

by Jonathan Gilliam, Momentum Factor


I added my first edit ever in Wikipedia today. I love Wikipedia for a quick summary of any subject, and was surprised when I visited the Online Reputation Management entry today and found what was basically an ad. So, I got an account and went to work. It was fun.

I never felt the need to edit a Wikipedia entry before due to my belief that there’s always someone brighter than me with more time on their hands who loves working for free. But this was different because it’s a subject I know well.

Is there anything you’re an expert at? Go visit its entry and collaborate on it.  I think you’ll find it satisfying, and who knows? Perhaps you can then say you helped “define” the subject.

If you’re interested, please visit my first ORM listing! I only edited the “Definition”, so the rest I won’t claim.

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