CBD Edibles

Article – The Crackdown on CBD Edibles Has Begun

New York City, Ohio, and Maine are making moves against retailers that sell CBD-infused products.

According to Esquire:

“CBD, one of the buzziest wellness products of 2019, just hit a snag. New York City has forbidden the sale of CBD edibles in restaurants, bars, and other establishments that fall under the Department of Health’s purview, Eater reported Tuesday. Health inspectors in the city are already visiting restaurants to enforce the crackdown.

Despite its overwhelming trendiness, there’s not much we know for sure about CBD, or cannabidiol, a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that has no psychoactive properties. Many CBD users say it helps relieve stress and anxiety, muscle soreness, insomnia, and more, but there is very little scientific proof to support or counter these claims. CBD is a try-for-yourself kind of compound.”

Read the full article at Esquire.com

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