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Tips for Measuring Email Success in 2014

Advances in email software can help you learn more of what works, so you can do less of what doesn’t.


Email for direct selling companies is much more than just sending out a monthly newsletter.  It’s often the primary communication tool for the field, used for everything from product announcements, new promotions, recognition, call announcements — you name it.

Often this leads to email overload for the field, reducing open rates and delivery of your most important messages. As people get more, less relevant email they will begin to tune your emails out, rendering you marketing efforts less effective over time.

Are you ensuring that your company’s emails are strategic to your message, compelling enough to open, relevant to recipients, tested, measured and refined week-to-week?

With advances in email software there are now countless options and out-of-the-box methods to A/B test, analyze results, generate drip campaigns, and even send emails on behalf of your representatives. These tools can turn email from a “make it pretty” marketing medium into something that you can measure, right down to revenue it generates, and constantly tweak to make better. The goal being better, more relevant, more effective and responsive communications.

For instance, modern tools now provide many ways to identify targets and segment your list into various categories, such as “Reps” for current enrollees, “Past Reps” who are no longer active reps, “Inactive Reps,” “Leaders” etc. or even make the lists dynamic, so your reps are automatically moved into and out of these categories as they meet certain criteria. Segmenting your list will enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns by sending more relevant messages to your various constituencies. Maybe a “tips for boosting marketing” email for those in the “Inactive Reps” category, and a separate “how to share your success with others” for the “Leaders” segment.

With any email campaign there are several variables that can be tweaked to increase success, including:

  1. Deliverability can be affected by the email software you choose the status of emails in your list, or how your email is perceived by spam filters.
  2. Open Rates can be affected by the sender’s name and email, the subject line, or the preview text that is displayed underneath the subject line in most email clients.
  3. Click Through Rates can be improved by making content more concise and relevant, proper coding to ensure the email is displayed correctly, making emails display on mobile devices, having clear calls to action, and other general email best practices.
  4. Conversion Rates – Once the recipient clicks your email, you want them to do something else, such as register to become a rep, share something, or any other action that works to create revenue. Conversion rates can be boosted via landing page design, message relevance, and overall cohesion of your email, call to action, landing page, and getting a relevant message to the right people.

Marketing should always have a personal aspect to it; by breaking your email down using these metrics you can apply A/B testing, analytics, and marketing strategy to make each email you send more effective than the last, and raising your email effectiveness for long term, measurable success.

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