Deliver Your Compliance Training Directly to Those Who Need It Most.


The FieldWatch EthicsPro Training Platform

Looking for a custom ethics training program that won’t break the bank? EthicsPro enables your team to engage directly via targeted videos with those in your field who violate your P&Ps, then train them, track their progress and return them to the field—informed, re-focused, and empowered.

This powerful yet simple-to-use platform features videos, training materials, quizzes, certification, management analytics, and auto-logging it all to meet increasingly stringent compliance rules.

And the best part? One low, flat fee. No per head cost, no marketing budget needed…it’s all done for you!


Why FieldWatch EthicsPro?


Great for educating your newbies!


Target 100% of violators of policy with engaging
videos to reform misguided behaviors.

Flat Fee

Enormously cost-effective, no per-head-charge.

Video Library

Access your custom or ready-to-use video library created by experts in policy, field behavior, and direct selling!

Compliance Training for Direct Sellers


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