Online Video “Cockroaches” Continue to Confound Direct Sellers

Brandjacker videos impact the online reputation of 80% of the Top 100 direct sellers. Is your company affected?

Google made several major changes last year that have significantly affected direct selling companies’ YouTube video rankings, particularly in relation to those pesky “brandjacker” videos. You know, the ones that rank #2 or 3 on Google for your company name and distract your field’s prospects with words like “scam” and “leads.”

These videos, mostly created by online Internet marketers, are designed specifically to re-direct keyword traffic (and resulting revenue) away from your company’s web page and toward unrelated, often bogus “sales systems” — or even your competitors.

Our firm is currently conducting two research projects on YouTube rankings to determine how we can outrank what we lovingly refer to as the “cockroaches” of the Internet.

The first is looking at the top results for our clients’ brands on YouTube and comparing different ranking factors to see which have the highest correlation. The second is applying various techniques on some low-ranked videos to see which have the most impact, in both the short-term and the long-term.

Brandjacker videos are a major problem and we’re working proactively to do everything we can to combat them for this industry and our clients. So far, it’s been pretty tough. As soon as we have results from our research, we’ll provide specific recommendations in our client newsletter.


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